Is Firefox Support on the roadmap?

As a brand new user, even before opening an account, it informed me that my browser [Ffx] was not supported. Yet Ffx regularly congratulates me for using the latest version. Seems odd that an open source browser is excluded, when this open-source program is based on one developed by a supranational :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Not so much “excluded” as “Firefox doesn’t support some for the functionality needed to make jitsi work optimally (simulcast). You can use it, but it won’t work as well as some other browsers”.

(You can use it - I do.)

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I use with Firefox all the time and never noticed any problem. That said, I am not an experienced user, so maybe there is some functionality that is not working, but I’m unaware of it. No way I’m installing Chrome though.

Same here. But there are known problems.

Thanks Neil,
Are the problems so bad that it is worth installing Chrome? It seems really bad form that Jitsi isn’t supporting Firefox or some other, more open, browser.

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They do support it — it works for you, and you never noticed a problem!

It’s just that Firefox has chosen not to implement something — simulcast — which jitsi can use to lessen bandwidth usage. If Firefox implemented it, it would (I should have thought), work.

(And, in any case, the jitsi team is working on improving the experience in both Firefox and Safari (which is definitely worse than Firefox right now, as it’s audio-only).)

Im not sure about this:
bugzilla #1606823

It’s about webRTC support, linked with some of the other issues already discussed here in the forum - fixed and added to milestone ff76 :roll_eyes:

Someone understand exactly what is included with this fix?

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THat’s all good to know - thank you. And it won’t work at all in Microsoft’s offerings!

I think this is the upstream bug report in Firefox:

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Thanks for that, Neil. Maybe that banner should be reworded. I certainly understood it to mean that only Chrome-based browsers would operate.


Firefox is now fully supported by Jitsi and the browser warning has been removed.

So there is a new FF update (FF75.0) which includes the simulcast functionality and a new jitsi build (presumably the nightly one?) with the browser-warning removed? Did i get this right?

There is a new Jitsi build (nightly) with the browser warning removed and simulcast works even with older versions of FF starting ESR which is at 68 now.
The upstream Firefox bug is a very old bug, Firefox has already implemented simulcast. Jitsi video bridge only supports VP8 simulcast and it is the default codec used for bridge connections.


Perfect! Thank you very much! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you!

I really appreciate the work that @jallamsetty has put into this fix. Having read the high level description of the differences between Chrome and FF connections, I can understand the difficulty of re-mapping these two different implementations.

However, I am still having trouble with Firefox, which is somewhat working now. (Previously, it would freeze with two windows.) Here’s my experiment running on my slow (7mbps download/768kbps upload) connection. (I am not checking the audio, as I’m assuming this low-bandwidth stream won’t be affected.)

  • If I use with two Chrome sessions, I get modest video quality. I can even open a third Chrome session, but the video quality degrades severely, and I get the little red bar chart with “Poor connection”. The video is quite responsive.

  • If I close one of the Chrome windows and open a FF window to that meeting (still a total of two connections to, the video quality immediately degrades (about the same as with three Chrome windows). The video becomes laggy - not always following my motion. I see Nonoptimal or Poor connection indicators.

  • If I make two FF windows (no Chrome windows) to, the video quality is severely degraded and laggy.

  • I have not tested the Electron app in this mix.

Is this a useful report? What other information could I provide? (I’m a network engineer and can provide detailed CPU or bandwidth measurements, etc.)

And might this be related to this comment in: Jitsi in Firefox

Firefox should work, but it has some problems. One big downside seems to be that Firefox always uses the maximum quality of the webcam…

Thank you again for all this work.

Updated with info about two FF windows and (lack of) Electron app testing.

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Have you found the video quality to be pretty poor though? And have you been able to use screen sharing? I haven’t on Firefox for Mac OS Catalina ( or the previous OS).

With FF (83.0) in LInux (Mint 19.3) I have a lot of trouble with detecting the Hardware (especially Microphone but also Cam + Audio output). It looks that the problem occurs, when more than one Hardware devices are present. I’m Using the latest version from Jitsi.

If I do the same test with Chromium (Version 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on LinuxMint 19.3 (64-bit)) everything works fine.

So It’s not clear for me, if It’s a Jitsi or/and FF problem…

It’s a FF problem.

Hi Freddie,
thank you for the information.
How we can get this information to the FF-Devs so they can fix the problems?

I do not want to use Chrome to start a video conference… … but I have no other options…