Is Dial-in Secure also?

I am a new user. Can anyone we’ll me if a phone dial-in to a Jitsi meet is secure, or does security only extend to the URL link conversation?
THANKS! 2020-02-19T08:00:00Z

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Can you give more details? So the web/mobile clients use webrtc and all media goes encrypted between the client and the bridge, also signalling goes over https link. Jigasi is the dial-in component which is also a client to the bridge and encrypts the traffic between them.

Thank you. I am just trying to determine if someone dials in to a jitsi meet call (as opposed to clicking on the link) is the telephonic portion also encrypted? / Secure?

Hi damencho, Any help is greatly appreciated!!! :wave:

Dial-in will have your phone make a regulat phone call. Those calls (the PSTN as a whole) are not encrypted.