Is channelLastN working?

I have simulcast and suspension layer enabled. I set channelLastN to 1 so only 1 video of last active(?) participants will be routed?
but after entering with 3 persons I saw that video focas (incoming video) is not shifting towrds another active user when he is silent and other is already speaking. he is indicated as inactive and server suspends his video to save bandwidth? why? shouldn’t his video should start coming and the silent user’s video should be suspended immediately? what is happening and what should I do?

I think that this is a known problem

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Interesting. Just did a quick test (with stable-5390) and it seems that if there is at least one participant with a lastN > number of participants, the channel switching starts to work again for all other participants (with channelLastN=1).

So, until there is a fix for the above issue, you could try to apply different lastN setting to, e.g., a moderator or a hidden user.

thanks for the info… wasn’t aware of the issue. but why saying it is not working when channelLastN < number of participants? as I am not even gonna feel the feature if lastN value is greater than participants number.

the example in the issue is about a meeting with lastN = 2 and 3 participants and is happening when a fourth participant enters the meeting so lastN == 2 < number of participants == 4

then how this gonna work when lastN > participants? :confused: