Is a multiscreen setup possible?

In Google Meet, we use dual screen so that you can see two people full screen at once, or a shared desktop and still another person on the other screen, is that possible with Jitsi?

You have a “Toggle tile view” button in lower right corner.

I mean two televisions

You mean to have a desktop sharing view in one screen and the regular view on the other one? We don’t have such functionality. It does sound interesting.

Yes, it’s a feature of Google Meet that we’d miss in our migration

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When are you going to add this functionnality to have “screen sharing” and “video” in the same time ?

We have plans to support this, but can’t provide an ETA.

Is there a way to bypass ? Because I need to have a screen sharing and the video in the same time. But i can’t just tell people to open a new window (firefox, chrome, etc.) .

It’s not possible at the moment.

Okay thank you