iPadOS/iOS app locks up in portrait mode

Hi folks, having new issues with iphone and ipad app.

I used to be able to use the ipad app in any orientation I held or mounted the ipad itself. Starting 3 jitsi app updates ago I could no longer use the app in portrait mode with the ipad held upside down (camera at bottom). The current version 23.1.2 will only work in landscape mode, and locks up when I attempt to rotate orientation. ipad model is MTXP2LL/A ipad pro 11 inch, ipados version 16.4.1 (a)

Testing with iphone 12 using app version 23.1.2, 3 of 4 orientations work, the non-working orientation being portrait mode upside down (camera at bottom).
ios version 16.4.1 (a).

Prior to this issue I normally mounted the ipad on a tripod, in portrait mode upside down (camera at bottom). Since this no longer works using the app, I have to use a web browser (firefox) instead, and this works.

Any troubleshooting steps or help?


Hey there, thanks for joining our community!

Hum, that’s odd, we never intended to support the “upside down” orientation, but also haven’t changed anything in that regard. We’ll take a look.

Thanks, as I mentioned the problem started 3 app updates ago. ipad in portrait mode, upside down or not, no longer works.

I can take a photo of the ipad in portrait mode, shows the camera view sideways before joining the meeting.

As soon as I join, image disappears, and app locks up. Swiping up from bottom to minimize app takes about ten seconds before that action actually happens.

Hum, I cannot reproduce that with a 5th generation iPad Air (MM9C3B/A).

I suspect a problem with the Metal renderer, which we re-enabled around that time.

Looks like this bug: Setting 'mirror' parameter to true for RTCView freezes certain iOS devices · Issue #1359 · react-native-webrtc/react-native-webrtc · GitHub in which the author reports it also for an iPad Pro 11’.

Interesting…I’m assuming Set the ‘mirror’ parameter to true for the RTCView component is not an app setting (couldn’t find one in Settings) but something thats enabled as part of the build process?

We always set the mirror parameter for the local view.

Do you need anything more from me?

Not at this time. I am trying to get ahold of a device where I can reproduce the problem.