iPad Screen Sharing with System Audio

The iOS/iPad app screen sharing feature doesn’t seem to support sharing system audio.
Or am I missing something and there’s an option to turn it on somehow?

Zoom has such an option called “Share device audio” when you’re streaming your screen, so I assume it’s not an iPad limitation.
Are there any knows workarounds similar to macOS and re-routing of audio to mic?

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Zoom and Jitsi operate on different technologies. Jitsi is a WebRTC and uses the SFU technology. Zoom uses MCU. Each technology has its own limitation. WebRTC’s limitations are mostly around OS and browsers.

In Jitsi, device audio can be shared through a tab when using Chrome browser, but this is on a desktop.

This is actually incorrect.

It has nothing to do with the server architecture.

On iOS screen sharing is implemented using ReplayKit, a system API. This is likely how Zoom does it too. On our implementation we are not processing the audio frames ReplayKit provides, but it’s doable. It’s just more complex.

Is “processing the audio from ReplayKit” a planned feature?

I just couldn’t find such a feature request on Github, or anywhere else really.

It’s not planned at this time.