Ipad (*runs jitsi work crashes each other, why , how?

I got a case of such:
jitsi meet conflict between 2 devices that run jitsi on a same wifi network.
devices involved:
Laptop with wifi running Windows running jitsi on brave browser
Ipad running jitsi over safari browser

Before ipad joint in the same jitsi meeting, laptop that runs jitsi meet is fine, all works well , even when ipad is connected to the same wifi network (but not joint in the jitsi meeting)
As soon as the ipad joint the same jitsi meeting , the very same laptop that is running jitsi became “mute”. the speaker of the same laptop no longer able to speak anymore (other jitsi meet participant can’t hear the speaker of the laptop that runs jitsi meet after the ipad jointed the jitsi meet.)

No idea at all why this happened…
could it be conflict between ipad and windows ? the issue is repeatable.

Do you mean laptop is already in a meeting room which hosts more than 3 participants and doesn’t have any issue?

Sorry for late reply
Yes, the windows laptop is in jitsi meeting (not hosting, only participating), everything works fine (every other participant can hear this windows laptop mic ). But as soon as the ipad connected to the same jitsi meeting room, the windows laptop lost it “speaking capability” (muted). Can’t unmute at all. Weird problem… As i said, it is repeatable…EVERYTIME.

Do you reproduce the same issue on https://meet.jit.si?

I have not try public server… will do the test and update here.