IP settings behind NAT

New to the area and looking to Jitsi meet. I have installed it in a virtual machine in my LAN on a Debian machine. So far so good. I would like to have it publicly accessible from the Internet so NAT enabled for ports:
80, 443, 10000-20000 send to the VM’s IP.
The thing is with ICE config. I have seen in here that it needs my public IP address. The thing is that i have dynaminc IP address and a dynamic dns domain. is there any way to configure it, please?

Alas I don’t think we support a domain name there, do we @Boris_Grozev ?

so in case that i have a public IP, i cannot use ICE?
Any other way to overcome this issue?

ICE will always be used, but the JVB needs to know the candidates to advertise.

OK and how do i solve this issue?

I don’t know, that’s why I asked Boris for confirmation. If we indeed don’t support domain names you’re out of luck I’m afraid.

I setup as required for NAT from the install.
(I do have dynamic IP, but it is fairly static, so I went ahead and used that)
I installed Let’s encrypt certs as required by the install and it validated the server.
The full chain seems to pass whatsmychaincert.

Android connects but just has the spinning progress wheel and never fully enters the conference.

App works with meet.jit.si, but wanted to have a backup.