IP mobility and seamless sessions


Does Jitsi have any ability to seamlessly handle IP mobility? Specifically, when using the mobile SDK - ensuring that devices can move between Wi-Fi and Cellular with an optimal experience.

My basic testing so far shows that the connection is dropping once the IP address on the mobile side changes. There is no successful reconnection - this feels like it could be solvable and maybe it is just a setting on the server-side. I notice timers to kill off orphaned connections etc so maybe some changes there are helpful.

Going further, it is entirely possible to avoid a dropout all together using techniques for seamless transition between Cellular and Wi-Fi. Does Jitsi support, or has anyone attempted to support any of the following?

Modern protocols to allow IP mobility such as MP-TCP or

  1. QUIC? There seems to be news about webRTC and QUIC but I cannot find any references to this topic within the Jitsi community. Has anyone tried to put a QUIC proxy in front of their Jitsi server and use cronet on the mobile to support the QUIC transport? (Thre is a react-native integration for cronet)

  2. Advanced bonding - where intelligent SDK and proxies can use Wi-Fi and Cellular simultaneously and choose the best performing network to carry the payload. Or join them together for better overall bandwidth (probably not relevant to in-order transmission such as webRTC)

Finally, if there is nothing available for the above - what would be the overall interest in having a documented capability to put this into your own apps?