iOS without a valid HTTPS certificate

I am trying Jitsi via Docker on my LAN. I don’t want public (Internet) access - only LAN. I don’t have a valid certificate for HTTPS.

On web browsers, it’s possible to ignore the certificate error. The Jitsi app on iOS doesn’t seem to allow that. It doesn’t tell me the problem but the client is immediately disconnected when trying to join.

What is a solution for this issue? Can’t I tell the iOS app to ignore the problem? Or use HTTP?

There are two problems:

  1. You need https for WebRTC
  2. You need full-chain valid certificates for mobile clients
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Thanks for the reply.

Then it seems like it’s not possible to have a LAN-only deployment of Jitsi using the apps.


I should qualify that the limitation is with the apps. I think I can still use it with a web browser.

Yes, that is correct. On iOS it’s not possible for us to ship an app that works with self-signed certificates. You can build your own and set ATS to ignore certificate checks for your local LAN.

On Android this should work, if you manually add the self-signed CA to the user’s trust store.

Thanks for the clarification!