IOS The browser you are using doesn't support it


I’m trying to get familiar with the Jitsi iFrame API.

I succeeded in creating a video call on my browser desktop, but it failed when it tried it on my iPhone or iPad.
I checked out the supported browsr and I am higher than required…

Does somone know what could go wrong ?

Tks :pray:t2:

What version of iOS are you using?

Hello @saghul

iOS 16.1.2 on iPhone
iOS 16.1.1 on iPad.

Do you have a sample app hosted somewhere so we can test?

Yes I do.

I sent you the link via DM

Thanks, looks like we botched the last release, this is happening in without an iframe.

Hum. I can reproduce it on iPadOS but not on iOS :-/

Do you mean it’s ok on your iOS device ?

We (@Calinteodor and myself) tried on iPhone and couldn’t reproduce the problem. I could reproduce it in an iPad running latest iPadOS. Not quite, actually, I get to the meeting, but can’t use the camera.

Same problem