IOS SDK issue no way to switch from ear speaker to external speaker

This issue happen randomly, sometime when I connect my iPhone to our jitsti server the audio was redirect only on the ear speaker and pressing the external speaker doesn’t have effect.
I show one picture :
Thank you

Technical details of our implementation :

  1. we made a lot of build also coming back a lot, the latest that we are using is the following commit d13edd8f63b08bd0daece363839e4f5e6dc19ae0, the problem still exist
  2. We have added JitsiMeet.framework & WebRTC.framework manually to our project without using Cocoapod

The following is our implementation code into IOS:

let videoView = JitsiMeetView(frame:
videoView.delegate = self
let options = JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.fromBuilder { (builder:JitsiMeetConferenceOptionsBuilder) in
builder.userInfo = JitsiMeetUserInfo(displayName: ,
andEmail: nil,
andAvatar: nil)
builder.serverURL = =
builder.subject = conferenceSubject

        builder.welcomePageEnabled = false
        builder.audioMuted = false
        builder.videoMuted = false
        builder.setFeatureFlag("calendar.enabled", withValue: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("chat.enabled", withValue: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("invite.enabled", withValue: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("welcomepage.enabled", withValue: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("ios.recording.enabled", withValue: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("pip.enabled", withValue: false)

// … do other things like resize videoView and add it to another view

FIXED!!! We found an incompatibility with ultrasonic library that in some case get the priority (random) on earpiece and/or speakers!

So no issue in your iOS SDK!
Thank you