iOS Screen Sharing not working


Im facing this problem in my Meet forked project. When I try to screen share on iOS, the phone let me select some source, and when I select the Jitsi Broadcast it starts a countdown and then it “breaks”. if I click outside the dialog it doesnt return to the meeting.

I thought it was some recent update, but when I downgrade and revert some layout changes to test, the issue keeps the same. On Android the screen sharing is working well.

Probably Im missing some config or something like that… Does anybody have a solution?


This print is right after I bring “ios > app > broadcast-extension” from updated Jitsi Meet repo (master branch). Just to prevent any changes I could possibly done.

After archieved the project successfully, this warning comes when I try to upload de app to TestFlight. It says theres a problem with the bundle identifier, I could just change the ID to xxxx.broadcast-extension or must change anything else?

Could be this the problem?


After changing the group name according to the docs, we got some better results (like pritns). But when it seems to work, just like the Jitsi Meet app, the list shows only the broadcast extension.

But when the screen sharing is about to start the app crashes before screen sharing and the user is unable back to the meeting:

ps: the config of the iPhone used on these tests:

Already fixed here guys! Sry for any inconvenience !

Maybe share how it was fixed in case someone else comes searching for the same issue?

Sure Freddie!

In my case the reason of the issue was bad naming of the broadcast extension and rename of the group of apps (these are preventing my app build in XCode) and when we renamed it we missed some configuration.

When we read again the SDK config docs (iOS SDK | Jitsi Meet) we gotcha those faults and everything is working well now.