[iOS][Safari] Unable to access camera when startWithVideoMuted is set to false

Hi there,

I have a self hosted jitsi server and a front-end react app that uses the Jitsi External API Iframe. I have made a pre-join room that allows the user to configure audio video settings before joining. However, I am running into a problem where if I set the startWithVideoMuted to false, I get an error when accessing the camera “Unable to access camera”. This seems to pop up when there’s a problem with Jitsi getting local track.

The camera icon on Safari is not crossed out. I can get the camera working again if I use the jitsi external api to turn the camera off and on again.

I have made sure that I do stop the streams that are used in the previous preview page. There is no camera icon present when I navigate from the preview page to the actual conference call page.
Anything else I might be missing?

This is not happening on android chrome or desktops.