IOS Running Issue

Your checkout seems to be incomplete.

We took checkout from below URL.

We did not find any .ios folder.

Is it auto generated? If yes, in which process it will generate.

No, the directory is there.

Stable releases match the web release not mobile, maybe that’s why you are running into issues.

The current mobile stable release is the ios-22.1.1 tag, or the mobile-22.1 branch. The upcoming release branch is mobile-22.2

@saghul …I’m facing below problem while run the IOS code.

  1. When i run the code in Simulator
  2. When i run the code in device

    Please help me out.

Did you make any changes to the code? I am not running into 1).

For 2) you need to configure you signing account / team.

I used mobile 22.1 but I got the same issue

After configuring signing account, getting same issue.

Don’t use the react-native CLI, use Xcode.

You may also need to change the app ID, since we are the ones using that.

i used my own appid

I used Xcode not react-native CLI

  1. i did not change anything in code.

where i would change the custom ui path in xcode

where I would change the Jitsi_meet custom ui path in Xcode

successfully I changed the code in react native I got an IOS/sdk/out folder but I need to know about where I would change the Jitsi_meet custom ui path in Xcode

when iam running my custom JitsiMeetSDK.xcframework I got the below error @saghul can u guide me to resolve the below problem

You also need to embed the WebRTC framework. Or if you are using cocoapods, you can add the JitsiWebRTC pod dependency.