[iOS] <React/RCTxxx.h> file not found

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem build jitsi meet in iOS platform. I installed dependency npm and pod. I gon an error like <React/RCTxxx.h> file not found inside RCTWebRTC, but sometimes another Library like RNGoogleSign, etc.

I try to build Jitsi meet with RN 0.59.8 with commit deps: react-native@0.59.8 (02955ab5). I use Xcode 10.2

I was try the solution on the internet but still not lucky.

What should I do, if I got those errors? I stuck 2 days with those errors.


What Node and npm versions are you using? Please type the exact steps you are following so we can check for mistakes.

I have solve my issue. An error appears because I using react-native link. Then I make unlink all deps and its works