iOS or iPhone app does not show participants camera or hear voice

Hi All,
I have installed Jitsi using the Quick Install guide. Everything on the web works great. I can have multiple users join and do both video and voice calls using the Chrome web browser.
I cloned the Jitsi-meet code from the github and followed the tutorial to build in xcode. Everything up to building and uploading for TestFlight worked great.

I can initiate a conference from the iPhone. It shows the microphone activated. I see myself in the camera view.
When a participant joins the meeting, I can see that participant but can not hear or see the camera. The other participant can see that I joined the meeting but they also can not seee me or hear me.
However, the chat functionality works.

I tried with both the backend URL and my custom URL. And the behavior is the same in both cases.
Any pointer how to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,