iOS Native App(Swift 4)


I am creating iOS native App. Can I implement JITSI SDK in native app, if yes then please provide document for Swift 4. I have review github demo and doc but it’s for React native(Hybrid) App.


Jitsi Meet SDK for iOS looks native i.e mostly Objective-C with some Swift parts to native apps. We at Atlassian used the binary Jitsi Meet SDK for iOS .frameworks in Stride which was itself a native app written in Swift so we’re sure that the scenario you describe is supported. Please refer to for how to build the Jitsi Meet SDK for iOS binary .frameworks. Once you have the .frameworks, you consume them as just about any other .framework and please refer to the same document for the public API of Jitsi Meet SDK for iOS. You may also take a look at and the headers it imports to see an up-to-date reference to public APIs. We don’t have a publicly visible example app consuming Jitsi Meet SDK for iOS as binary .frameworks.


I am not understand exactly, I want to know your SDK is for React Native App or Native APP?