iOS mobile browser camera doesnt work through iframe even on latest Jitsi version


Background: I am using Jitsi for P2P calls post deploying Jitsi on aws and using iframe on my product. I have also disabled app page (download/continue to the app) so it opens up on mobile browser directly. It works perfectly fine on android devices on mobile browser.

Issue: For iphone/ipad users, chrome is not working at all and while using Safari video of iPhone/ipad user is not visible to the second participant. It works fine when I don’t use iframe. But when I use it through iframe, video of iPhone user is not visible to the second participant.


  1. I am using the same domain as of Jitsi server ( for my product where I am using iframe ( Still it doesn’t work.
  2. I have upgraded Jitsi to the latest version as per the forum discussion. Jitsi version I am using: 2.0.4627. Still it doesn’t work.

@damencho, can you please help me with this?

It works without iframe, but it doesnt work with iframe.