[iOS] Microphone selection in app

Hi, I’m new to Jitsi. I’m trying to use a USB microphone with the app on an iPad Pro running iOS 12 but it can only access the iPad’s microphone. Is there a way to change it? The microphone is recognized in other apps.

Hi there!

We use an iOS provided audio route picker (MPVolumeView / AVRoutePickerView) which I think will only list devices that have both input and output channels.

How are you selecting this microphone in other apps? What apps are those?

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Hi, thank you for your reply.

When I connect the mic, the standard Voice Memos app recognizes it and uses it. With Ferrite, the mic’s name is recognized and displayed, though in neither of them you can select an audio input, they just start using it if it’s connected. In FiLMiC Pro the top, front, back and external mics can be selected.

Tried it with Skype and it doesn’t recognize it. EDIT: Neither did Google Hangouts.

I think we fall on the same camp since we use some AVAudioSession modes which require that devices have an input and output.

Sorry, but I don’t really know how to help you here.

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I appreciate the replies nonetheless. After some googling, it can’t be done, not even with Facetime.

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