[iOS] Microphone selection in app

Hi, I’m new to Jitsi. I’m trying to use a USB microphone with the app on an iPad Pro running iOS 12 but it can only access the iPad’s microphone. Is there a way to change it? The microphone is recognized in other apps.

Hi there!

We use an iOS provided audio route picker (MPVolumeView / AVRoutePickerView) which I think will only list devices that have both input and output channels.

How are you selecting this microphone in other apps? What apps are those?

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Hi, thank you for your reply.

When I connect the mic, the standard Voice Memos app recognizes it and uses it. With Ferrite, the mic’s name is recognized and displayed, though in neither of them you can select an audio input, they just start using it if it’s connected. In FiLMiC Pro the top, front, back and external mics can be selected.

Tried it with Skype and it doesn’t recognize it. EDIT: Neither did Google Hangouts.

I think we fall on the same camp since we use some AVAudioSession modes which require that devices have an input and output.

Sorry, but I don’t really know how to help you here.

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I appreciate the replies nonetheless. After some googling, it can’t be done, not even with Facetime.

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since Zoom app for iPad can recognise and use my USB mic (Shure MV5) but Jitsi app for iPad can’t, it’s not Apple’s thought

so, dear Jitsi developers, could you fix and enable USB mic support for Jitsi for iPad?

Rationale: if Zoom app can do it in their Zoom app for iPad, then Jitsi can too…

Hi @saghul and Jitsi dev-team,
I’d like to bump up this thread again. I have a Presonus iTwo audio interface which runs fine on my iPad with most of the audio apps. I can record, mix, put out anything out of the iPad. To be honest I took it for granted that I can use my interface with Jitsi like any other app.

Are there any news or efforts regarding changin the way you access audio devices on iOS devices?

I get that it wont be easy and you have enough to do these days already, but it would be such an essential addition to Jitsi. Also now that I just read above that Zoom can do it, it would be good to catch up on this point. I am advertising Jitsi a lot to people that only ever used Zoom because it is loudest in marketing and just dont know Jitsi exists.

If I would be able to code ios stuff I would try to help but unfortunately I am only a python programmer and have a little experience with ReactNative, which both probably wont help here I guess.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the topic?
all the best, and thanks for Jitsi! Great tool!

Hi there!

We haven’t made explicit process in order to support input-only devices such as USB microphones. That said, we have switched to a customized audio device management mode so it should be more attainable now.

Can you please share a screenshot on how Zoom is presenting this microphone? How does the device selection present itself when this device is present vs when there is just a regular pair of headphones vs both?

@hrguerra I guess that’s your turn :slight_smile:

I myself havent gotten around seeing if my presonus interface is working well with zoom and how it’s presented. will do, if it helps?

thanks for the reply in any case @saghul

I can’t promise progress will be made soon, I just want to understand what you as a user of the app expect, and in this case seeing how others do it might be a good starting point.

I would like to bump this thread as well.

I am a music teacher and I teach online, so using an audio interface is paramount to get the best audio quality.

Jitsi on iPad does not seem to recognize my PreSonus Studio 24c, which is class compliant and works with most Video-Call-Apps - like Zoom. It has both input and output.

If I was to give any pointers, I’d suggest working on integrating class compliant devices as audio devices in jitsi.

PS: I love you guys! Jitsi is awesome!

Hi Paul, not sure if this helps but came across while researching similar issues.


If this works for you would you mind updating here on what you did and results as this might help what we are trying to achieve with Jitsi Meet.


I recently downloaded Zoom on the iPad and there isn’t a way to select device; if the external microphone is plugged in, Zoom uses it. The other one I tried recently was Google Meet but it doesn’t work there.

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This would be a really nice feature!