[iOS] latest version does not build Release: 'WebRTC/RTCMediaStream.h' file not found


Cannot successfully build a RELEASE version of Jitsi Meet on iOS. Debug version builds without any issues.
xCode returns ‘WebRTC/RTCMediaStream.h’ file not found in

Steps to reproduce:

I followed the manual: Developer Guide (Mobile) · Jitsi Meet Handbook

  1. Cloned the most recent version of Jitsi meet (git clone https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet.git)
  2. NPM install inside /jitsi-meet folder (successful)
  3. POD install inside /jitsi-meet/ios folder (successful)
  4. Started xCode and opened /jitsi-meet/ios/jitsi-meet.xcworkspace
  5. Build with iPhone 11 as simulator, successful. App loads on the iPhone 11 with Metro terminal in the background.
  6. xCode > Product > Scheme Edit Scheme > and set build to Release instead of Debug

  1. Pressed the Build button with iPhone 11 as simulator
  2. xCode build fails with error ‘WebRTC/RTCMediaStream.h’ file not found


Expected behavior:

It should run the RELEASE version of Jitsi-Meet on the xCode iPhone 11 simulator

Version information:

  • Jitsi Meet version: latest with git clone, jitsi-meet_5471
  • Operating System: macOS Cataline version 10.15.7
  • NPM version 7.4.3
  • POD version 1.10.1