iOS - Failed access camera and microphone


First, thank for Jitsi Meet, it’s really great !

I use the Docker version (version 4416, the last one)
My server is up and the system works fine with Android devices (using webapp, I am not using mobile applications).

My problem is that when I join (or create) a room from an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), the communication is established, a permission to allow microphone only is displayed, and when I accept it, no sound or video are shared to the other participant.
With the same style, to have the video of my participant, I need to click twice on “mute video” button.

When I test on, everything works fine.

I use the latest Docker published version of Jicofo, jvb, prosoby and web (4416).
I test on iPhone 6S (13.3.1) and iPad 7e generation (13.2.2).

Maybe the last Docker version is not up to date about

Thanks for you help !

Does your setup work properly when using Desktop browsers instead?

I have not tested on Safari - Mac (I do it now).
On Chrome (Linux) everything works fine.

Even with 3 participants? Is your ssetup behind some kind of NAT?

Even with 3 participants, everything works fine.
The setup is not behind some kind of NAT, it is directly connected to the web.

I just tested on Safari desktop, and I have the same behavior that on iPhone or iPad/

Wait, are you using Safari on iOS or is it the app?

I am using Safari on iPad and iMac, I am not using the mobile application

Safari support, specially on mobile iss not really great yet. There is still some work pending before we can enable it by default. Sorry for the trouble.

Ok, so Chrome on mobile is supported ?

Not at the moment. It will be on Android, but not on iOS, since it has no WebRTC capabilities IIRC.

Ok thank you

Hi All, I have the same issue with jitsi it says failed to access back camera, I am hosting my own jitsi backend service can any help me on this issue thank you :D, I am attaching my screen shot

Hey team, is there a timeline on iOS web support? No pressure, I’m just curious.

Hi Guys!!
I don`t know if one of you tryed something like it but he comes my litle contribution.

For IOS Safari, using lib-jitsi-meet I have to put a “waiting Room” and created using html5 all requisitions to ask for video and audio permission, then on the call room all was Ok like a charm, I have only changed the video tag for:

<video class='trackremoto videotrackremoto ${participant}' autoplay='1' playsInline id='${participant}video${idx}' />

The trick on video tag is to add playsInline.

Hope this help in something.

After you fix the trick, it does work perfectly?
Can you tell me the file location that you fixed?
Thanks in advance.

hello, i found the playsInline atribute, this is in the app.bundle.min.js and, but this atribute is there, which means we dont need to do anything, this should work but in my case only work in Iphone 7 IOS 13 when the user change the configuraiton of the resolution of the Camera to 720 then the camera and the microphone works but in the largevideo Tag the video gets stuck i dont know why

Maybe someone can help us witht this issue