iOS devices do not play YouTube videos, when they use web based app

The issue
Currently, if you use an iOS device (I use iPad 5th gen, iOS 14.0) and someone starts sharing a Youtube video for you, it doesn’t play it for the iOS devices. It will only show the thumbnail of the video.

If you are to press the thumbnail, the video doesn’t start playing, so the issue is that it basically doesn’t work for iOS devices.

The youtube player/user never leaves either for iOS users if the sharing of youtube video stops.

To replicate:

  • Join a video room with 2 users which of whom at least one has an iOS device
  • Start sharing a video from youtube
  • Observe how the iOS device sees the thumbnail of the video, but the video never starts playing
  • Stop sharing the youtube video, iOS now has the youtube stuck on their end

Additional information

Jitsi version: 4425.1043

Video explanation:

Drive folder of the issue, which includes the logs, demonstration of the issue and video explanation of the issue: