Inviting a SIP contact into meet



Assuming an environment where jigasi is set up, how does one invite a SIP contact into a meet? The invite button checks for phone numbers, which rejects most SIP addresses (it’ll work when the SIP address is numeric, and does not include a domain, but that gives you very limited addresses to work with).


I think, this should no longer be the case we fixed this problem, at least a month ago, I can check the build number if you want, just need to get to the office.
I was testing with dialing ‘echo’.


Ah, my version of meet is lagging at least a number of weeks behind. I’ll update and see if it works. Thanks!


This is the commit that is fixing this:


Although that did allow me to fill out a value that’s non-numeric, it completely broke jigasi for me. When inviting a SIP contact, their phone would ring, but audio would never be transferred.

It’s likely that this is caused by my heavily modified setup, so I’ll look into this myself first. But, in the off chance that this rings a bell with someone, I’d appreciate a heads-up.

Probably unrelated, but the newer jitsi meet version also introduced this bug:


Did you retry? We have seen cases where the first jigasi call after startup fails, but all subsequent calls are ok.


As predicted, I found the cause for Jigasi no longer working with the latest stable release of Meet in my own code. Had nothing to do with Meet.