Invite Without being a moderator

is their anyway with which we can invite users by SIP with passing the moderators rights to them or any way with which we can kickout users with moderator rights.

A moderator can grant moderation rights to other users, use the “…” menu on a user’s thumbnail and you’ll see an option to grant moderation rights.

I am talking about passing the permissions with the code by using IFRAME API

I see. Alas we have not implemented the grant moderator API call in the iframe.

so is there any way to kickout moderator with having moderator.?

A moderator can kick another moderator yes.

are there special permissions to pass.? with code

The solution I found is to create a login page in PHP.

Using a MySQL database I define who is moderator.

After the user login, I customize the meeting Iframe API.

Okay so you are deciding the moderator by passing it in userinfo…?

First, I register user in a MySQL database. The user when entering the login page is identified as moderator.

On the Jitsi Meet page, for non-moderators, I hide via the IFrame API what I want.

userInfo: { <?php … ?> },
configOverwrite: { <?php … ?> },
interfaceConfigOverwrite: { <?php … ?> },

i am using this code and expecting it will this user a moderator
userInfo: {
displayName: user?.firstName + user?.lastName,
email :,
id: 1,