Invite People To Only Listen In To A Conversation

Hi there,

I would like to have up to a maximum of 8 or 9 people to join a Jitsi meeting in the normal way as any more people will be too many.

However, I don’t want to exclude any other people who would be interested in the discussion and so my idea was to allow them to join in a mode where they could listen to the conversation but not talk. Ideally I would also like it if their video also didn’t appear in the conversation.

Is this possible or do all participants who join a meeting have to be shown in the same way?

It’s possible to stream the meeting to Youtube. The listeners can watch without joining

Good idea but unfortunately impractical for what we need to use it for.

Did give me another idea though. Is there a way to embed a Jitsi meeting to a webpage without having to be part of the meeting?

Youtube video can be embedded but IIUC you don’t want to use Youtube. So, you can use a custom stream server and embed the player to your page. Search for RTMP server in the forum

By using the Iframe API its possible, you start with Audio / Video Muted, Disable all Interface buttons except hangup and send the link of that page to people who you want to join only. !

Thanks for your response Nirav

Would the people who are talking in the meeting, still see the people who had joined but can’t talk?

Yes they would, with “see” i mean, they are part of the participants in the meeting. If u check the number off ppl that are in the room, these “silenced” users would appear there.

But if u start with muted audio/video and disable all the controll buttons, there is no way for them to activate there camera.

They are “participants” but have no option to activate their camera/mic.

Ok that would certainly work fine in some cases but in other cases from what I have seen on other issues, there could potentially be too many people needing to join the meeting to ensure that the experience would be stable. So I think in those scenarios, I would have to livestream to YouTube.

Thanks for your help.