Invite More people popup customization

Is there a way to put a custom link and remove embed this meeting option in the popup?

Change custom link in the first two cases and remove the embed this meeting.

Please don’t post the same issue multiple times. Rather than provide the information requested to help you answer your question, you ignore it and then create a new thread with the same exact question.

The question still remains the same:

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Sorry, I didn’t understand there you replied to me or to the main post.
I removed it from there and create a new one here.

I am both hosting on my own server also and using jitsi iframe.

The main application is in another site where I load either the own server or jitsi server in iframe.

If you’re using iFrame on, you can’t make the changes you’ve highlighted. On your own server, yes.

ok, thank you will look at the code for own server

I have my own jitsi self deployed server. I want to put a custom link below “Share the meeting link to invite others” just like image in 1st post of this thread.