Invite Button missing from Toolbar

In the latest version the ‘+’ invite button is missing from the toolbar. This was used to invite telephone users using jigasi. I noticed it is missing from also.

Am I missing something (besides the button) ?? has dialing out disabled.

Thanks for the response.

We have an self-hosted installation that does not show the dial-out option after upgrading. We can dial in, so we know we are connected.

I started an install from scratch on dial-out is still not an option, but I could dial in.

I made sure the secret matches and have set ALWAYS_TRUST_MODE_ENABLED=true.

Anything else I can check?

Are you using component or muc to register jigasi in the xmpp server?
You have invite button in the toolbar setting:

Sorry, had to look up the difference between component and muc.

We are using the default, component, as we did the quick install. This is true for the upgrade and the clean install.

We have not modified the default interface_config.js, so ‘invite’ still exists.

Is there anything in the logs I can look for?

Thanks again!

When opening the page you should see Sip gateway enabled: true in your js console logs.

Ok, I see that on the server that has not been upgraded. I’ll have to try the upgrade again and look for that.

After upgrading to the latest, I see in the log Sip gateway enabled: false.

I upgraded using:
apt-get install -y jitsi-meet
apt-get install -y jigasi

invite button missing after upgrading to the latest version but no problem for incoming calls

I think there is a problem (or a new configuration that I don’t know) in the latest stable release.

2020-05-09T09:10:50.475Z [modules/xmpp/moderator.js] <u.parseConfigOptions>: Sip gateway enabled: false
Jigasi is working well (IN and OUT including the HEALTH_CHECK) but no button “+” is on the screen.

There is for sure a problem, after the upgrade the invite disappeared also to my instance. In the console log i read Sip gateway enabled: false.
Jigasi works perfectly for incoming calls

Are you using any authentication?

No auth, free login and clean installation. Single server installation.
Jigasi successfully authenticated to prosody via “callcontrol” and sip trunk ok with the sip proxy.
Incoming calls ok, ping calls (from jigasi deamon) ok, ‘+’ button missed.

Thanks damencho

Same problem here !

2020-05-13T14:11:57.610Z [modules/xmpp/moderator.js] <u.parseConfigOptions>: Sip gateway enabled: false

Resolved: I forgot to enable call_control on /etc/jitsi/meet/HOSTNAME-config.js

// Call control component (Jigasi).
call_control: ‘callcontrol.HOSTNAME’,

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Thanks a lot… it’s working now. Appreciated!

This got me a step closer, the invite button now appears, but I get “Failed to add participants” when I dial an extension. I also see “Error inviting phone number” in the console log.

It’s odd because the Call Control entry was disabled on the previous version and dialing out worked fine.

Thanks again!

Yeah. Same problem to me. Changing the call_control setting leads to Failed to add participants after dialing. Without call_controll setting no plus sign.

cheers, t.

Actually I confirm as well the same problem. + button ok but impossible to add participants

I tried to reinstall on a new server and I have the same problem: + button ok but impossible to add partecipants.

I have the same issue after upgrade. My Invite (+) was present and working, but after upgrade it disappeared. Inbound calls still work.

I tried enabling call_controll , plus sign is back, but fails to add participants.

What’s worse i there’s no log output upon hitting the invite button to help isolate the issue.