Invite as participant and not moderator when using public instance

Is it possible to invite users as participants after creating a room at the public instance. Currently, it is inviting everyone as a moderator which is quite weird because in that case, every participant will have moderator controls.

This is how is supposed to work, this is a public anonymous deployment and everyone is a moderator in a meeting.
If you want you can use moderated meetings on, you can go to and get a link which is used by the moderators to join and there is a link to be sent to guests.

@damencho Hi
What’s the possibility to add this feature to the mobile sdk?

That should work on mobile …

I mean without using that page, Just by config the sdk to join as Guest or to Join as Moderator?


Nope, the idea of that service is always to visit that page when joining as moderator.

I think that will not work for my app, because I will generate the meeting id will save it on database for future usage, and will share it with guests
and I am using iOS SDK and want users(guest, moderators) to join using the sdk
anyway to achieve this?


Checkout the code of moderated service see how it works and adapt it for your use-case. The idea is that it has access to a private key to sign jwt tokens, which is not applicable to a client-side operation.

Will check that, thank you