Investigating "Failed to send E2E ping request or response"

I’m investigating into this error, displayed into console of every participants many times:

[JitsiConference.js] <e.sendMessage>: Failed to send E2E ping request or response. undefined

How lib-jitsi-meet made this request? How to troubleshoot it in network enviroment?

I didn’t see any strange errors into log file and i can’t find any useful information about this error into other post about that

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Are this E2E ping related to “http-bind” request?

From console i can see http-bind request to my server need 10 second to response, is this normal?

(room name was redacted)

I had also switched from bosh (http-bind) to websocket (that are work great) but error of E2E ping still reported into browser console.

Any advice?

Me too, call from android, ios to my custom server

I got this warning, too,
but only if there are more than 2 people in the chat, else it works fine.
Also video and audio break down completely when this happens.
It happens always, whatever I do, absolutely no clue, why.

The 10 seconds http-bind load time, seems normal,
I assume this, as it seems to be used for long-polling.

I will try switching over to WebSocket …

I tried to find the problem, but I can’t understand why the error message is returned. And no, websocket is not the solution

@damencho or @bbaldino could help us?

I don’t know, but I can tell you it’s harmless. We disabled e2e pings altogether on They’re just used in a stat in the UI, no functionality leverages them.

Thank, could you tell me how i can disable E2E ping?

There is a setting in config.js:

    e2eping: {
        pingInterval: -1