Invalid message received (Could not resolve type id 'VideoTypeMessage'

Since the upgrade to latest stable (2.0.5765-1) I see many times the same WARNING message in jvb.log:

WARNING: [30] [confId=47c8536865c217d7 epId=d1f9a141 gid=98686 stats_id=Raphaelle-s2y conf_name=disastrousfundraisingsoutlineastonishingly@conference.myserver.tld] AbstractEndpointMessageTransport.onMessage#79: Invalid message received (Could not resolve type id ‘VideoTypeMessage’ as a subtype of org.jitsi.videobridge.message.BridgeChannelMessage: known type ids = [AddReceiver, ClientHello, DominantSpeakerEndpointChangeEvent, EndpointConnectivityStatusChangeEvent, EndpointMessage, EndpointStats, LastNChangedEvent, LastNEndpointsChangeEvent, ReceiverVideoConstraint, ReceiverVideoConstraints, RemoveReceiver, SelectedEndpointChangedEvent, SelectedEndpointsChangedEvent, SenderVideoConstraints, ServerHello]

Meeting seems to run without problems, so is it ok to ignore these warnings?
On the client side I also see a recurring log message with “Sending VideoTypeMessage with video type as camera” in browser console.

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The client side was updated to add this Colibri message around three weeks ago, but the JVB only received support for the message a few days ago. If you update to a more recent JVB the warnings will go away, but probably there are no recent enough binary releases yet.

The warning is harmless.

I will just wait for the next stable release and ignore the warnings in the meantime.

The problem happens only with chrome and it is not getting video, any suggestion ?