Introducing the Jitsi Handbook

Hey there Fellow Jitsters!

Documentation has been our achilles heel for a while. If was scattered across a number of projeccts and wasn’t easy to follow or contribute to.

We have started to change this by introducing The Jitsi Handbook.

It aims to be the one-stop-shop for all your Jitsi doccumentation needs.

It’s in early stages, but we have already migrated all the documentation in the jitsi-meet repository and added some more.

It’s at a stage where we can accelerate it and Make it great again for once. If helping out with documentation is something you’d like to get involved with, head over to the repository!



It’s a very nice Documentation Handbook.

Thanks for all your work.

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I would love to see the architecture page as a priority. The hardest part about configuring this and customizing it for your environment is understanding all the different components; what they do and how they work.


I couldn’t agree more.
A few simple diagrams would help a lot to understand the architecture:

  • services involved
  • required connections between the services and their (standard) ports
  • containers involved (for docker installation)
  • stun/turn server
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Hi @saghul, I see a user guide section in the handbook.
Do you think, it could be possible to have multi language support for this section ?
There are already many JItsi-meet instance that provide own user guide, it could be good to centralized it in the handbook and also really easier for providing up to date user guide.

Damien Fetis.

Absolutely. I know DSocusaurus has the ability to do this, though I haven’t tried it myself.