Introducing Jitsi Party button extension


I just wanted to introduce you a simple chrome extension that I made and allow to add a Party popper button in your meeting.


The extension is active only on domain, and use the jitsi room to send the data : No tracking or external server involved. Of course, all participants have to install the extension in order to see the poppers :wink:


It will be nice if was installed by default to all people or by the meet server.

If you need to add the same behavior to a custom server, I could help you to do so.
Ideally, Jitsi would provide a plugin mecanism to make such ‘extensions’ to be added to the frontend.

Otherwise, this feature is directly available to all users on the product I am working on ,

Hi TLozano,

you will be happy to learn that I figured an easy way to add that features to any jitsi meet installation (So people don’t have to install the extension).

The only things to do is to modify the config.js,
to includes :

analytics: { 


ohh!, Thank You. I will try it in my own server as soon as posible. I will do it at weekend.

Thank You. It is a nice extesion.

Edit: I’ve put the code in my config.js and it works fine!!. Thank you!
I think this should included in the package because it is very useful when someone is speaking and all other are with silence mic, you can react with this.

Thanks for the feedback.

To be honest, I don’t think this functionnality should be included directly in jitsi,
BUT I think there is definitly a need for custom plugins.
The good news is that even without a marketplace,
it is easy to add such plugins to any installation by modifying the config.js or the index.html :wink:

BTW, I am think to create my own plugin market place