Intitial Configuration of a new Small to Medium size Conference Service based on Jitsi

Greetings everyone!

We are starting a new small scale Jitsi based conference service.
We need your inputs, of those who have configured jitsi servers before.

We are thinking of starting with main Jitsi server without Videobridge with 128GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 24core processor, and 10X Videobridge servers with 32GB RAM, 4/6 core processor, 512GB/256GB SSD with Octo.

All servers having Gigabit connectivity.

Pls suggest us how should we proceed with load handling and everything. What should be changed in config to give best user experience?

How many users one Videobridge of above config can handle?
Should be created Multime JMS instances and distribute Videobridges within that, having single database of users, if thats possible?

We have hired a linux admin, but he is not that experienced with Jitsi. He has configured servers before, but thats it.

Pls help out and suggest best configuration that we should keep for Jitsi, Octo, Videobridge servers so that users can have good experience. We want to offer premium class video conferencing and not overburden servers, with lag etc, which is actually the reason why we came up with this service.

here are the numbers I gathered from some postings in this forum
180 = 200 kbits/s 360 = 500 kbits/s 720=2500 kbits/s
so at highest resolution 1 gbits bandwidth would mean 400 users at most. If you want margins (network can be sometimes crappy particularly with wifi and it’s particulary important to be aware that 1% packet loss means A LOT MORE than 1% performance loss if you use TCP for Jitsi as is the case with ‘corporate firewalls’) maybe you could plan for 200 users.

@gpatel-fr do you have any idea about disk consumption? with 512/256GB SSDs be enough per video bridge servers?
We are looking to set 480p resolution or 720p. User experience is our priority on this project.

How many videobridges can we configure per instance? I read somewhere with Octo, we can have multiple instances, (which we are planning right now), and single database, and accordingly configure videobridge servers with that.

Thank you for clarifying on user numbers.

don’t think it would be a problem unless you think of recording. I can’t comment on the rest.