Interview Request with Jitsi

FAO: The Public Relations / Communications Manager


My name is Angela and I am the Editorial Coordinator for Website Planet, a global portal for web professionals.

I’m writing to request an interview with Emil Ivov, founder to share the company’s views on website industry tools, marketing technology and digital trends and developments with our readers. We recently conducted similar interviews with global web experts, including the executives from Wix, SimilarWeb, and others. For an example of a recently conducted interview please see:

The interview would then be published on the Website Planet blog and shared on social media to our users giving many web experts and other industry peers a great opportunity to hear about you. The interview would be about 30 to 40 minutes long and can be done telephonically or over Zoom.

There is no cost for this interview of course, besides your time and cooperation. Should you be interested in taking part, we just require that the interview be shared on your site or blog, possibly from this page:

Please could you let me know whether you would be interested in taking part?

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Kind regards,


Editorial Co-ordinator


Imagine the headlines that may come out after this Zoom session :grinning: