Internal audio (e.g. spotify music) as background

Hi there, just discovered your app via my boyfriend. 1st impression: works fine and is easy to use → compliments. I would like it to teach. I teach a tai chi qigong class, and in some of the excercises I like to use music. I checked all options, but it seems not possible to run another app ‘in the background’ and use it’s audio. For me this is a necessary feature. → possible to add? (playing audio via the microphone often is quite a low quality…).

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I recommend looking into Voicemeeter; it can do what you’re looking to do. With Voicemeeter, you can feed computer music directly to your meeting so everyone hears the music in clean, clear mp3 quality.

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Dear Freddie, THANKS!

It costed me a little while to ‘figure it all out’, but it proves to be very much worthwhile!


Astrid Dobbelaar

Yaaaaay! Glad it worked for you! :smiley: