interfaceConfigOverwrite issues in iFrame API


Can anybody help me, what could be wrong in this iFrame API config?

I want to replace the 8x8 logo, which is displayed within live streaming via Jitsi.

It is strange, because only some settings take place. There are no errors thrown at chrome dev tools. Just this message from logger:

2021-04-19T13:35:31.830Z [features/base/config] Extending config with: {“defaultLanguage”:“de”,“disableInviteFunctions”:true}
Logger.js:154 2021-04-19T13:35:31.831Z [features/base/config] Extending interfaceConfig with: {“HIDE_INVITE_MORE_HEADER”:true,“LANG_DETECTION”:true,“SHARING_FEATURES”:}

Why are the other 3 settings of interfaceConfigOverwrite ignored and only these 3 are recognized? The same is for background color etc. It just don’t work.

 <div id="jaas" class="jaas-holder"></div>
 <script src=''></script>
     const domain = '';
     const options = {
         roomName: "vpaas-magic-cookie-XXXXXX/MY_ROOM",
         configOverwrite: {
             defaultLanguage: 'de',
             disableInviteFunctions: true
         interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
             HIDE_INVITE_MORE_HEADER: true,
             LANG_DETECTION: true,
             DEFAULT_LOGO_URL: '',
             SHOW_JITSI_WATERMARK: false,
             SHOW_WATERMARK_FOR_GUESTS: false,
             SHARING_FEATURES: []
         jwt: "MY_JWT_TOKEN",
         width: "1120px",
         height: "630px",
         parentNode: document.querySelector('#jaas')
 const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

Did you set your own logo in the JaaS admin console?

Nope … the problem is, that I need different logos von different rooms. I can only place one logo in JaaS.

Right. We are currently working on implementing this, but it’s not ready yet.

I’d recommend you raise a ticket in 8x8 support so you get notified when it’s available.