Interface does not disappear on mobile browsers

The interface (mic, cam, hangup etc. buttons) on the bottom and session name and time on top of the page do not disappear when using a mobile browser (tested chrome/android and safari/ios).
Desktop browsers work as expected.
As far as I remember, this did work before.

Probably it broke when moving the settings from interface_config.js to config.js.
I tried the “old” settings in interface_config, but it made no difference.

The behavior can also be seen in sessions on

You mean they don’t disappear after a timeout?

We changed that explicitly on mobile web to better match the expectations on mobile devices, you can tap to hide them and tap again to show them.

Note that if you are alone they are not hidden.

Thank you for the hint.
I thought I played around enough to find something like this, obviously not.

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