Interface_config.js changes don't apply

The changes I make to interface_config.js file don’t show.

I installed jitsi on a Debian 10 following the quick install instructions

Changes to
/etc/jitsi/meet/domain-config.js work fine.

Changes to
/etc/jitsi/meet/domain-interface_config.js does not work.

I copied the file /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js to /etc/jitsi/meet/domain-interface_config.js
and then made an alias in the file /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/domain.conf

location = /interface_config.js { 
    alias /etc/jitsi/meet/; 

What am I missing? Could someone help?
(I am aware there are multiple posts on this topic here but none of them seem to offer a solution.)

Just to be shure: try to clean your browser cache.

Thanks. I cleaned all my cache. No change.

When you download that file with your browser directly, do you get your new version?

Yes, I get the new version.