Interactive on jitsi


hi my name is Giuseppe La Placa, I am a technician of the University of Padua and I would like to ask if it is possible to integrate in Jtsi Meet a very interesting function, integrate a div (layer) with transparent Canvas above the video in order to give the possibility to interfere with another user creating marks with the mouse that dissolve after 10 seconds or make them permanently so you can make a circle of red, green or color of your choice, above the video by a client or of all the clients. This would make the tool more attractive (even if it is already so) and also the possibility to include, by those who create a conference, a space (CIFS) where to insert documents to be shared with some or all participants of the conference.
Thanks for your patience


Everything is possible :slight_smile: The questions are: a) is it something we want to add to the project and b) who is going to do the work?

for a), I’d say the first feature you mention sounds similar to a whiteboarding solution, which would be interesting to have. As for the shared space, we added Dropbox support for storing recordings, I’d explore that direction, since a browser won’t be able to access a CIFS resource.

for b), I don’t think the Jitsi team can spare the resources on either of these, so it will come down to someone volunteering to do the work becased on some guidelines.