Intel CS for WebRTC (OR) Janus, Jitsi, MediaSoup etc.?



Currently, I am working on designing a video conferencing system. I have experience in working with Google native WebRTC framework and FrozenMountain’s IceLink. I spent some time on going through the Intel CS for WebRTC. What I am wondering and what I noticed is there is very very less buzz in the WebRTC world about Intel CS for WebRTC compare with any other framework. Why should I use Intel CS for WebRTC compare with Janus, Jitsi, MediaSoup etc.?

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I think you didn’t come to the right place to ask that kind of question. This being the Jitsi community there will always be a bias, because we don’t know all other offerings as well as we do ours.

That said, I was curious so I took a look. It does indeed look quite complete, but it’s not clear to me how free or open source it is. There is also no mention of pricing, assuming this is a paid product.