Integration with Cisco's VRF and Trusted Relay Points possible?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if it is at all possible to have a jitsi meet client (either browser or electron app) on a PC register somehow with Cisco’s VRF technology in order to be on a separate network than normal data traffic and register o Cisco’s Call Manager?

I know that Cisco’s jabber app is able to do this so I was hoping that somehow we would be able to do the same for jitsi but I can’t really find much info on this subject.
I’m not even sure what Cisco’s jabber app is running under the hood but I’m hoping it’s webRTC so that jitsi would be compatible with this Cisco tech.

The goal would be to replace jabber with jitsi meet in this Cisco environment but not sure this is even possible.

Any pointers, links, thoughts much appreciated!


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OK, so after digging through Cisco’s documentation, the real issue seems to be how to register jitsi-meet as a device in Cisco’s Call Manager.

I’m not sure that it is even possible, and even if it were, it seems that jitsi-meet would be just another SIP endpoint (without video since I believe jigasi integration only supports audio), which kind of defeats the purpose.

But I’m open to being proven wrong :slight_smile: and/or pointed in other directions.
Anyone like to chime in?