Integration Jitsi with our web-servise

Hi there, our team is going to implement video calls and streams in our web service using Jitsi.
Here are a couple of questions which will help us to understand if Jitsi is the right choice:

  • Do we have an ability to limit the time of communication between two users (for example, delete conferences or exclude users by calling a specific API method (resfull))?
  • authorization of users when accessing the functions of video chats or video conferencing (ideally, Jitsi should contact a specific endpoint of our service to verify user authorization)?
  • recording individual streams (video chats) on-demand, providing access to recorded files, via API (restfull)

Thanks in advance to everyone who will assist us with those questions.

What deployment are you planning to use? With using open environment like this is not possible.
To be able to use your own authentication you should be using your own deployment.

This one is tricky … But you can be using short live jwt tokens and everytime the user needs to reload goes through your site getting the token after you do your checks about timing.

We are going to use our own deployment. What would you suggest?

And do you know answer for the last question?

Nope there is no option for individual streams. Jibri is a webclient that joins and the recording is what jibri sees a composite picture what normally participants see on their webpage.