Integration Jitsi to Telegram clients

Dear Community, Who can assist us to integrate Jitsi SDK to Open Source Telegram Clients Android / Ios / Desktop?
Need assistance urgently. Many thanks


Hello John, I think there are many ways to do it, but require custom development.
I found this topic because I was thinking of doing the same, we use telegram a lot for work, and we have our own jitsi servers :slight_smile:

The only problem is time, I think it needs a few days of work.
But here’s how I’d do it.

As a starter hint, for desktop, I would embed telegram web into an electron app, so you don’t need to maintain it. I did the same here a few years ago:
You can then modify it injecting js/css so you could add a button to start a videocall from the client with your current chat, and send a link.
For mobile, I think the best strategy is something similar, but using a react native app and embedding the iOS and Android sdk (easiest way is using this: Just be careful when building, there are very common issues that break your app when you switch to release.

Hi @Francesco_Frapporti
I am new to jitsi!
I am going to develop react native app which integrates telegram and tdlib.
Can you tell me how to do it?
Any related links to see?
Hope many helps.
Big thanks in advance.

Many thanks for your answer. We need a help to set up a Jitsi Server with Geo Distribution. Can you help us with that?

maybe you could be interested to participate at this project.