Integration Google Calendar on self-hosted Jitsi server


Do you have to redirect uri’s we should put in Google side for redirect?


@damencho I have done with google calendar Integration and currently, I’m on this screen

I’m a little bit confused after this how and where I will manage calendar events?

On the welcome page.

Thanks, @damencho for the quick response. Please correct me as per my understanding you are talking about this screen.

But in my custom installation do I need to create this screen by myself or Jitsi framework will create it

Yes, that is correct.

What do you mean?

That is the default welcome page when you install jitsi-meet.

If you are using the iframe API that is to embed the in-meeting-experience and does not offer the welcome page …

@damencho Custom installation means I’m using Jitsi as an external API. So in this case I can get that calendar event screen?

@damencho Can you please just clear this above last question?

He answered you already…

The Calendar is found on the Welcome page.

@damencho I think @alishoaib is using self hosted external API and he is not able to find the screen where this calendar shows up. And he is asking if we are able to show that calendar except the welcome page. Because we don’t want users to visit welcome page.

Nope, this is only available on the welcome page.

thanks a lot @damencho that clarifies everything.