Integrating jitsi with pure data or similar

Hi everyone, this is my first post, im a musician and i’ve been using jitsi entering several times with the same computer on the same call, this makes a lot of feedback and on it i played the piano ( . After that i make a rehearsal of the same tune with some other musicians wich sounded weird but interesting.
Besides this i posted, i tried to connect jitsi to pure data with an digital audio cable and then back to jitsi. This made my computer to crash and/or the audio to work really bad ( on minute 02:34). I was wandering if there is a way to have something like a pd patch inside jitsi itself or maybe there is a library for this usage inside jitsi.

All this work is part of my sonic art master, i have to start to build my investigation, and i want to center my practices in jitsi and the audio feedback made. I belive that having some kind of control, like an eq or some filters even a pitch shifter or well something like a pd patch, its a little messy the idea but maybe someone understands the aproach.
Sorry if i misspell anything english is not my first language. Cheers.

MAybe jitsi is not the best tool for that.

I recommend you to look at :

  • Mumble for audio only
  • for audio and video sharing in a video production context.

Hope that helps