Integrating Jitsi Meet To A React Web Application

I have an application in which the front-end uses React JS, I want to be able to have Jitsi Meets integrated. Essentially a person would click a button that takes them to a Jitsi Meeting (Self-Hosted). I tried to do that with the docker download, as well as the ubuntu installation (apt install jitsi-meet) and I could not figure out how to do it.

I already managed to host it, but that was giving me trouble while implementing JWT tokens.

If anyone can suggest me a tutorial or a way or doing it in order to integrate Jitsi to my application (including JWT tokens as well if possible).

I am new to the community, so, hello!

Hello back Hazem Hadi.

Could someone please reply to this I have been trying to do the same thing and am facing difficulties and many bugs.

if someone could suggest an easy way or a tutorial that would allow to integrate that would be really helpful.

any help would be appreciated.