Integrating Jibri with Custom Jitsi UI


We are developing a web app with a custom UI using lib-jitsi-meet. Currently, the web app connects to an existing Jitsi Meet server with a different FQDN. Our Jibri server currently works with the existing Jitsi Meet server, however, we now want Jibri to load, capture and record our custom UI instead of the default. Can someone please point me in the right direction? What is the recommended approach for modifying the URL that Jibri loads for streaming and recording, so as to point it to our own front-end?



This is a very interesting question. I would be interested in seeing how this could be done.

I am also interested in doing something similar. Looking forward to an answer.

Does anybody have some technical ideas on this topic? Is this somehow manageable?
Thanks in advance for the Community Support

just adding my voice to this thread to hear if anyone’s found out how to accomplish this goal.