Integrate Jitsi with a Java application

Hello jitsi community,

is there a way to integrate jitsi into an existing Java server application?

Following architecture is set already:

  • Java for server backend
  • HttpServer (REST, UI) for web application UI
  • Database for (Video, Audio, Text) storage
  • Windows 64bit platform


Implement instant messaging with video/audio/text and integrate it into our existing application
to have all conversions (data, metadata) recorded and stored in the backend for traceability.

Key features to implement:

  • live chat (video,audio,text) functionality
  • recording of sent text messages
  • recording video and audio


  1. Is it possible to integrate jitsi components into our application considering architecture requirements listed above?
  2. Do I need to integrate an own XMPP server (in backend) in that case?
  3. Is lib-jitsi-meet the right component for the client-side implementation?

Thank you very much

The easiest path to go is to deploy your own instance of jitsi-meet and integrate in your system jitsi-meet with iframe API. Enable jwt token and use it for your already authenticated users, so you can match the participants in jitsi-meet to those from your system.
For storing all messages you will need to add some prosody module or use any pre-existing one and maybe extend it, again you will use the jwt extracted data to match participants to users.
For recording of audio&video, you will need to deploy a pool of jibri instances to handle recordings.

You can go and use lib-jitsi-meet, but then you will need to do the things mentioned above and implement all the UI and all cases that are already in jitsi-meet, which is a huge task on its own.

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